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Manatee County EMS Auxiliary

We are a non-profit volunteer organization made up of State certified Paramedics, EMT's and First Responders, who promote and assist the crews of Manatee County Emergency Medical Services and the public.

bulletWe exist solely on donations provided by individuals and area business.  If you would like to donate please click on our Donations link to the left.
bulletProviding certified personnel to assist with medical treatment and related duties.
bulletProviding basic life support coverage for special events, large gatherings, and disaster operations.
bulletParticipating in public service projects, CPR training, public education classes and demonstrations.
bulletFollowing MCEMS general orders, protocols, and all local, state, and federal regulations.

Manatee County Emergency Medical Services (MCEMS) was established by the Board of County Commissioners in 1975 to provide emergency pre-hospital care and transport for all Manatee County citizens and visitors.  MCEMS provides around the clock coverage for the approximate 740 square miles with 17 twenty four hour ambulances and one Advances Life Support (ALS) Fire Engine.  These 18 units respond to over 38,000 emergency calls a year, providing service to all the cities and unincorporated areas of Manatee County, with a year around population of 300,000 that doubles during the winter months.

All of MCEMS ambulances are staffed with a Paramedic and an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) who are trained to handle your emergency.  Each ambulance is equipped with specialized equipment to assist in stabilizing life threatening conditions.  These ambulances are also called ALS or "Advanced Life Support" units.  These ALS ambulances are located throughout the county to provide the quickest response times possible.  In addition, we have access to five helicopters for rapid air transport. The air transport service is normally utilized for trauma related emergencies and provided by hospital trauma centers located in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

When an emergency call comes into the 911 dispatch center, any one of the 18 units could potentially be called upon to respond.  These ambulances are dispatched on "the closest unit" premise.

Local Fire Departments often will respond with MCEMS ambulances to emergency calls.  The firefighters provide basic emergency care prior to the arrival of Paramedics, and help in assist with patient care, and transportation to the ambulances.

 So what role does the Auxiliary play in all of this:

The Auxiliary is comprised of Paramedics, EMT's and First Responders.  Each member has to be trained in the same manner and holds the same qualifications as does the paid or full time employees.  Each member is provided additional training and works along side full time paramedics and EMT's in the field in patient care.

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Manatee County Emergency Medical Service Auxiliary.